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Active Warning Network for Roadside Hazards


Passive infrared sensors scan the edge of the road to detect potential hazards like large wildlife or stopped vehicles. When a hazard is detected the LED flashes yellow and relays the warning signal to other delineators down the road in both directions.


When a hazard is detected by one of the delineators it flashes a yellow LED and also wirelessly tells other delineators within 1000 meters to flash as well. This warns drivers of roadside hazards far in advance of encountering them.


Each delineator uses brand new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh network technology to relay hazard warnings to other delineators up to 1000 meters away.


Delineators can be easily moved, upgraded or added to existing infrastructure. They also use very little energy allowing them to operate off-grid powered by small solar collectors and small batteries.


White LED's constantly operate in all low-light conditions. LED's are better than standard reflectors especially in poor weather conditions when clear delineation of the roadside is needed most.


Compared to other infrastructure safety upgrades like deer fences and wildlife over/underpasses, warning LED delineators are vastly less expensive and can achieve comparable results.

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At Knorr Technologies LLC, we use advanced technology to make driving safer.

We produce a variety of roadside LED delineators that can detect wildlife and other hazards beside the road. Once a hazard is detected our delineators wirelessly network with one another to flash yellow LED's and warn drivers far in advance of any potential danger.

Drivers will be empowered with better, more specific knowledge about hazards on the road even around blind corners and especially at night.

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"Don't explain your philosophy. Embody it."


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What began with our founder, Chris Knorr, scribbling ideas on a piece of paper, has culminated in a variety of durable and affordable road safety products. We've designed our products to serve a greatly needed traffic safety problem—There is too little advanced warning of roadside dangers, especially at night.

Mere headlights and cluttered signs are utterly insufficient to make our roadways safe in the modern age.

​Knorr Technologies LLC is a groundbreaking innovator of cutting-edge, wireless, roadside warning lights. We offer a scalable and versatile network of solar-powered, motion detecting, LED delineators. Each delineator is equipped with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor for detecting potential dangers beside the road. When movement is detected a wireless signal activates flashing yellow LED’s on all delineators within 1000 yards. The network is an advanced warning system that alerts drivers to the exact location of potential dangers on or beside the road.

In rural areas it is particularly useful for detecting wildlife at night and around corners. In urban areas it can detect a plethora of potential dangers from breakdowns and accidents, to augmenting the warning lights of emergency vehicles.

In addition to offering a breakthrough product, by closely listening to our clientele and understanding their expectations with our product, we customize our products with a variety of functionality to satisfy unique and changing market needs in both urban and rural areas.

Join our membership base and get in touch today to learn more about what Knorr Technologies LLC can offer your district.

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