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The Beginning

Our first development post! We're very excited to share a little about the first steps of product development. The desired purpose is known exactly. The specifications for outputs are known exactly. Now the design goal is to meet those standards in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

The first step is to design a PCB (Printable Circuit Board) that will be able to accomplish the needed tasks for our delineator, namely to detect movement on and beside the road and then to convey that information to other warning lights in delineators up to 200 yards away. This system can effectively triple the advanced warning a driver normally receives using the traditional method of detecting dangers ahead--Their brights. The advanced detection of wildlife and other potential dangers on the road like cars stopped on the shoulder, particularly at night and around corners makes this technology an invaluable safety necessity.

Here are some pictures of the basic prototype components we're using and the very first outline of the electronic circuit necessary for achieving our initial basic goal of giving advanced warning of potential dangers to drivers on the road.

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